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Apr 15, 2011
sorry for so many posts, but cheering season is right around the corner for me and I need some advice! okay, so, my flyer last year was doing double downs (im a back) and we tried our first one of the season and she landed on my thumb and pulled all the ligaments in it and yada yada. i got over my injury and tried it again and i just couldnt get myself past the fear of it. i get nailed in the face. the teeth arms head throat you name it. I find the best way for me to catch her during the doubles is when i close my eyes and stick my arms out... now it seems crazy, which is why i dont want to do it anymore. im scared to death that my fear is going to cause my flyer to get seriously hurt or me to get hurt. can someone give me some tips i can relay on to her or some tips for me to get over my fear/ catch better and safer. PLEEEEAAAASEEE HELLLLPPP. ( I have nightmares about doubles) :help: :(
I know what you mean, i am usually terrified of catching rotating stunts in the beginning but I usually get over it after a few times. I allways watch the fliers shoulders, it's really easy to follow her when she is spinning that way. Some people say watch the hip, but as a back, that is not your responsebility so you just get confused. I hope focusing on something similar to this can help you gt over your fear. It does the trick for me. Other than that i would say don't think, just do it.
Our flyers are taught to not open in any cradle, and our backs catch as a base, on the side they are twisting too, so you effectively have to bases catching on one side
Catch to the side. Watch her shoulders.

@flipmac I tried to shimmy you and it kept double clicking and UN-shimmying but I think it finally took hold lol!
As a flyer, I prefer the backspot to catch the shoulders and save her face. As long as I'm caught, I'm good.
I would watch her shoulders in her spin and go for them, kind of turned sideways though catching her shoulders more on your shoulder. (Hard to explain, but thats what my backspot does). Its all about getting the chemistry with the group in the double down!
step to the side, and catch around her, not under her arms. trust me, i learned the hard way (black eye and busted lip). good luck!