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Nov 21, 2010
Is there any European cheerleader out here? I'm from Sweden and from the junior coed team Excaliburs. We competed in the Europeans in Helsinki in july and came third!
I'm from Slovenia. Every year we went to Elite Cheerleading Championship in Germnay. They're giving bids for worlds.
It's my favorite competition. Two years ago we went to the Open European cheerleading championship in Paris Disneyland and we came second.
I'm from Rising Stars (they competed ECC 09 & before and Worlds 09/10 - 3rd place in 2009) and Aviator Allstars Coed 6 (they competed at Elite in Germany the past two years & are going to worlds 2011). :D
TBS allstars from Belgium here.:) We only started september 2009. So we're still pretty new, only working on the basic skills, but we are motivated to work hard, that's the most important.
We competed first at the European Open in 2010. We had our one year birthday that weekend, it made it extra special:)
We were 6th out of 6. but we didnt mind, we got great responses from the judges and many were impressed when they heard we just started a year ago.
the entire groupstunt routine for european open was just put togheter in 6 hours:) too many were on holidays during summer so we never got to practise. Next year we wanna compete again but with the entire team.
Titans Berlin Allstars, we're a Senior CoEd Level 6 Team from Berlin, Germany.
I competed at Elite Beach Cup this year with my allgirl stuntgroup "Titans Unleashed"...
I'm from Rockstar in Scotland (I coach and cheer). Unfortunately my team hasn't been in a financial situation to compete overseas, but I've compete at worlds twice :)

But we will be at JAMfest Europe anyone coming?
trouble with Jamfest is access from mainland times into Manchester or Liverpool aren't practical at all for the competition...I actually have NO WAY of getting there and back out again in time for work on Monday and I live in France !!! Took my team to ScotCheer though....which was great...Anyone fancying a trip to France is more than welcome at our International Open!!
I actually have NO WAY of getting there and back out again in time for work on Monday
we have the same dilemma and we live in glasgow!! so many of our parents/athletes are driving home over night or leaving straight after competing as they have to work on monday. I however am a student so I am finished term already and will be tucked up in my hotel room on the sunday night! yay!
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