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Dec 14, 2009
Since musics are starting to be released and teams are starting to compete, I thought I would ask what everyone's favorite music is so far this season?

1. favorite full team music
2. favorite dance music + (their team name)
my favourite, not out yet, and I don't have it, nor would I give it out if I did, is Cheersport Great White Sharks' mix.
favourite dance..? CEA Small senior
CEA small senior x :)

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I like all of our gym's team's music. We're dancing to good vibrations by marky mark. I loveeee it.
south jersey storm avalanche!
i can tell thats gonna be my favorite music for this whole year.
Rays Green has the single best song of everyone.
Ahh I can't wait to hear music from Stingray Allstars!! I always love every team's music! When's y'all's first competition?