All-Star Favorite Regional Events In Nj, Pa, De, Md?

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Feb 3, 2011
Anyone have favorite local/regional events in the Jersey, Philly, Delaware, Maryland area? We've always done a lot of the same events, looking to switch it up some for 11-12!
I'm partial because I work for them, but I have always liked Spirit Unlimited events. I competed at them in MD when I was in high school and they're well run and you can usually expect a pretty decent turn out, especially at the lower levels.
i liked american masters in baltimore a lot this year, and also spirit sports in toms river, nj was a great one too
Anything by Spirit Unlimited and LOVE LOVE LOVE the American Masters (American Championships comps are some of the most well run in the industry).
love love love cheer for charity. it just needs a bit of a bigger venue in my opinion. a lot of teams went this year, and i'd be awesome to have more since the proceeds go to the childrens hospital!
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