All-Star Fierce Board Awards?

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When are these happening? They were so funny last year
It's about about TealFan. She is in charge of it!

I nominate her for most likely to consume meals.
Cause she is awesome.
In a nutshell, there are a bunch of different categories and theres a big nomination period. Then tealfan takes the people with the most nominations and makes a big poll for each category and we vote on the winner! Last year there was categories like: Best Overall Poster (Male & Female), Most Attractive Member (Male & Female), Board Comedian (RUDAGS!), Best Argument?, Biggest Fan (TealFan), Member You'd Most Likely See on ESPN (CheerKatie08 who ended up being on ESPN a few weeks later hahaha) and those are just a few I can remember! It's a lot of fun, I was a newbie around when they did it last year so I'm excited I finally can vote with my own opinions and not just go with the flow :)