All-Star Fierce Chat Is Back

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Is all about that bass
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Dec 4, 2009
New software, new abilities. Try it out (though this piece will be shut off during worlds)
Trying to see how many people the chat room can handle. Click on "Chatrooms" in the lower left, then "Lobby" and their will be a "Fiercechat"

Try it out. . .
Do you have a bar at the bottom of your screen?
I am pretty sure you can create what you want. Even private and passoword protected chats
hmm, what kind of browser? There are 8 inchat right now
Internet explorer 8 I even tried logging out for a little bit to see if that helped but nothing
is there a little blue cloud in the lower right?
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With our new software and setup we should be able handle Worlds times 10 now. But chat is VERY intensive (why do you think it fails on Facebook so much). 50,000 people trying to chat would not be fun.

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