All-Star Fierce Sports Bras And Spanks

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Apr 7, 2011
Does anybody know where to get some good quality Sports Bras or Spandex? That are actually cute, I don't know how to customize GK ones so meanwhile I'm just looking for some Fierce Prints or Dazzled ones for practice. Thanks!
I was at the Nike outlet yesterday and saw matching spandex and sports bras. They were light and dark blue tie dye stripes, really cute! The spandex were 15 dollars and the sports bras were 17 i think. They were in the girls department, but as an xs in women's i can fit into a girls' medium sports bra and girls' medium or large spandex. Nike is my absolute favorite for sports bras and spandex.
nike pro combats for shorts!
i get them from richard's and im sure you can get them from any sporting goods store!
i also love the Nike dri-fit sports bras! they have neon colors and tie dye too
we ordered our whole gyms, then one of our teams ordered extra, then one team bathing suits, but i believe they do individual, but check out you can call them. they are really nice and you can ask all the questions you need to ask! good luck