All-Star Fierceboarders Who Are Not Attending Worlds 2011

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Feb 27, 2010
Post here if you WON'T be attending Worlds this year. I'll basically be on the boards for the majority of the weekend as well as Twitter to get frequent updates. We can probably all use the chat on @F!ERCE 's bow website? (are you going F!ERCE or will you join us as well? :))

And just know, you won't be alone... there are more people who unfortunately couldn't go to Worlds either :( hahaha
I won't be! I was going to until my friend said she couldn't go.. :eek: But I'm not bitter or anything.. :rolleyes:

I'll be here alllll weeekend. LOL
I'll try to be on here when ever I can but it's my birthday on the sunday so I'll be with family :/ but I will try!
I say we throw our own Worlds celebration on the boards :)

Someones gonna have to bring the kool aid though....
Bet your pity party will have a DJ, unlike SOME parties I know!

I'll be here. With all the rest of my homies. Get it? Homies, cuz we'll be at home...nevermind.

Hahaha I like it! And yeah, we're having a DJ AND a block party. Just saying