OT Fifa Women's World Cup

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GOAAAALLL!!!! 2-1! Only 15 more minutes girls! Let's do it!
as much as i would have loved the US to win, I'm incredible happy for Japan. Their country finally has a reason to celebrate something, and their spirits can be lifted. Hopefully, their country grasps that feeling and does great things to bring some normalcy back to their country.
although, i would have preferred England over US ;)

what can i say...I was born and raised on Premier League :)
That was so incredibly disappointing. USA played a great game so awesome job to then!
Its so funny because I was just at the mall and we ate lunch at a restaurant with a bar and EVERYONE was in there watching the game. We left lunch right after Japan scored their first goal to go walk around the mall. Right as the PK's were starting we were walking right under where the food court was and all of the sudden we just heard people start yelling and screaming and chanting "USA". :(
i cant pay attention to world cup soccer... all i can think about is world cup shooting stars, odyssey, starlites etc hahah