All-Star First Time At Worlds

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Get there early, make sure you buy admission for both days on saturday (if you're not on worlds plan)
Only get up from your seat if you absolutely have to
Bring a sweatshirt, the arena formerly known as the Milk House gets chilly
Buys souvenirs on day one and before you get your seats. Find a seat and slow start making your way up to the front. Make sure you have plenty of batteries and memory card space for your camera. Sit back and watch the show!
Bring snacks! unless you really really really like pretzels -_- ps they give them away at the end of the night for free because they cant give them to the animals at Animal Kingdom because of how unhealthy they are bahaha
The atmosphere is unlike anything else. Its surreal from the moment you get off your plane and see cheerleaders everywhere, off the bus and see the hype everyone talks about, off at the milkhouse (or whatever its called now) and it hits you. Also, theres such a feeling of mutual respect that weekend. There are always the exeptions that you hear about, but overall, there is so much respect, sportsmanship, love, acts of kindness, etc that are exchanged both individually and between teams. This is my last worlds : ( so I'm going to do exactly what I tell you- take it all in and enjoy every second of it. I'm sure you'll have an amazing time!!

Positives-mickey waffles :) cheerleaders everywhereee, so much time to be with ur team and friends, practicing outside in beautiful weather, international teams:), trading shirts, and its WORLDS doesn't get any better than that

Negatives- the monday that you realize its over... ok its not the perfect place, but it sure feels like it. even when ur team isn't doing well, it's hard not to be happy the majority of the weekend

Have fun girl! : )
i live in asia and this is my first time going to an american competition, how much pocket money should i bring for souvenirs? and for food?

The Parent Action Committe is happy to provide this Worlds Insider's Guide to parents, athletes, and even coaches as a reminder to the many little planning ideas that can make this already special competition a very memorable experience for everyone involved.

Please enjoy it, distribute, feel free to ask questions and provide suggestions to next year's version.
Love these threads....even though I am not going to worlds ..booo :( is like I am gearing up for it. I love hearing about it, def. not as good as being there but I can put my imagination to work and dream up the scenario. LOVES IT.
how early is early? i figured it probably wouldn't be wise to leave my seat (which is fine bc i could watch cheerleading all day), but how much earlier should we aim to get there? also, do the families and team mates for the competing team on the floor get to watch from the middle like at other competitions? (this is my first year too)
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