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lol to start one you need to find a bunch of people that are interested in doing it and you have to try and keep it a secret so mainly have friends tell friends or co-workers or see if you can get another team to do it with your team. Then you can either just have everyone meet at the day of and say at 12:30pm everyone is just going to sit on the ground and not move. Or you can have something rehearsed like a song or a dance or itd be cool to have like a rival skit between 2 teams and then everyone joins together. I love flash mobs. Biggest thing is finding a place that you would get good reactions from people and to get enough people I would say 30 or more people would be good but the more the better results youll have.
:) i want to start one but not sure if anyone would be intrested but it sounds so cool :D
Just gotta post it out there some where and eventually you'll find some people. If I lived closer towards your way then I would def do it! lol
Aww :) okay im going to look in too, i hope i can do it itd be soo awesome! :D