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Mar 12, 2011
I am a new cheerleader, and I really want to be a flyer. I know I probably won't be one this year since it is my first year, but I was wondering if I could be one next year. I'm really flexible from gymnastics (all splits and over splits), and I'm about 5 ft 3 and 110 lbs. One problem I think I would have is that I do heel stretches with my left leg in the air, but scorpions while holding my right leg (I'm guessing from ring leaps in gymnastics). Is it possible?
You always fly standing on your right leg! Unless your doing tick-tocks, or sometimes in the pyramid! But for main stunts, you'll be on your right leg! Stretch both splits, and your back!
just because you're a first year cheerleader doesn't mean that you can't fly!
it sounds like you'd be a great flyer, and a gymnastics background always helps!
I know i'm always excited and willing to help a gymnast get used to flying and just like @sarahhhxflyer said, just stretch your scorpion standing on your right leg
Stretch, stretch and stretch some more. But don't forget to work on balance and keeping everything tight, learn how to pull yourself up while standing on your right leg, lib your left then work on holding your core tight along with everything else. Learn how it feels to "pull" up. Bases DO NOT do all the work, you lift yourself too. Work on keeping everything locked, keep that right knee locked. Then stretch some more, work on libs, scales, and scorps. Good Luck!!

I also bought a balancer, that my fliers get to take home to pratice with, I bought it at Wal-Mart. It is just a big disc with like a ball thing in the middle on the bottom side, so when your standing on it you have to learn how to balance yourself.
Not open for further replies.