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Dec 14, 2009
I'm thinking ahead of the game, but it might be cool to list in the cheeropedia the different 'cheer seasons' for each country/region. If you could list by country when your season 'starts' (when teams REALLY start practicing/when tryouts are) and when your season 'ends' (last major competition NOT including worlds, I know for some countries it's in the beginning or end of their season so I don't want to use it as my 'end'). I know starting and end points vary by gym, but even if we can make it general (ie late May to early June) that would be good enough. Might help newcomers know when they need to start looking out for tryouts in their country.

Have at it!
Australian Cheer Season

Competition Season - July to November
Tryouts and training - December/January through to June

I think (pretty sure) it's Nov - July - someone please correct me as it's likely wrong :)

our team only do 1/2 competitions as year and the ones we go to vary each year, there for our tryout/training differs each year - confusing I know!?! I know some of the big teams have recently had/are about to have tryouts :)
Canada (Saskatchewan)
Typically tryouts are sept with the season ending the beginning of april.
In the UK tryouts happen between July and September. The first regional competitions are around October. Major Nationals are March - July.
Canada (Ontario)
tryouts and summer season in late may until early september
competition season is september through to nationals in early may
Everything is currently under development. Think of this as a test phase while we figure out how exactly to work it.

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It's interesting that most teams (minus Australia- who is also in the southern hemisphere, oddly enough) have a similar start time to the US (anywhere from sept-nov) but tend to end either earlier..
We try out in August/September (for me, this week, ARRRGH!).

Then showcase is always December, first competition January.

Last competition is June/July time.

Summer (i.e. July/August) is chilled out, work on skills time with open gym sessions and camps and stuff.
Ill add a section for describing different cheer types in other countries. But it is yalls job to write it.

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France season begins September and ends FASC Open usually in May (Worlds qualifier) and NGB nationals in June
Tryouts - june/july/august
First competition - february/march
Last competition - june/july (this year may for some teams, due to the issue with europeans)