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Dec 14, 2009
We have our GK Elite National Sales Meeting this week in Reading, PA (Home of GK Elite). First off, I want to say, prior to coming here and seeing the plant, how it works, meeting corporate, etc - I already thought GK had the best uniforms (not because I work for them, but because I truely beleive that) Anyway - After today, I dont THINK they are the best - I KNOW!!!

All of their uniforms are made UNDER THIS ROOF here at corporate. Almost EVERYTHING (Actually, EVERYTHING, I beleive) is made by HAND by workers here. I talked to several people who worked there today as we got a tour. One lady worked there for 20 years and said she LOVES coming to work every day. Another lady makes gymnastics scrunchies. She makes over 1500 scrunchies PER DAY! She is a SAINT!

I wish EVERYONE could see the plant on how GK makes their uniforms, the processes, the quality checks, how the jewels are applied, etc. ITS INCREDIBLE!!! This isnt meant to be a GK advertisement - I just want to say that I cant beleive that anyone would want to wear anything else!!!

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Seriously - If you can ever tour the plant - DO IT! Its INSANE!!!! Everyone is so nice and the new stuff coming out is GREAT!!!
I have been wearing GK uno's and warm up's since the tender age of 6 and they def are the best of any athletic brand!
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Ahhh, my wish would be for our gym to get GK. I know the kids would go nuts!
My cp LOVES her gk uni/warmup so much!!! After years of hearing her complain about icthy uncomfortable unis this year has been so! Plus they are gorgeous:D
Gk Is amazing and so professional! I have heard that they have driven uniforms to a competition, over a 7 hour drive , to make sure that people got their items that they needed, and it was not a whole order, just a few that the team needed last minute! I can't for us to get our next year!
I was on the GK site trying to find a way to get custom uniforms and was unsuccessful would you be able to pm a way to do it all online if possible?
I was on the GK site trying to find a way to get custom uniforms and was unsuccessful would you be able to pm a way to do it all online if possible?

Our new website has a few kinks to get out. I was told at our Sales Meeting that the Design Studio should be up and working soon. I can also put you in contact with a rep in your area that could keep you notified, and give you some customer design papers as well. Just PM me if you are interested!
All I have to say is.........WOW!!!!! The factory is amazing and words cannot describe they way these uniforms are made. Talk about hand made and under one roof ! I cannot believe how tedious it is for these workers to create the perfect fit and style. I believe the uniforms go through 10+ stations before they are actually packaged. Rudgas mentioned the scrunchie lady and I beleive I will never forget her and how many boxes of scrunchies there are waiting to be placed with the leos. The owners are great personable people and I am so glad to be a part of this company. This is an amazing facility and I wish you all could experience this just like we did.
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