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Jul 21, 2011
Hello! I'm a writer working on a Cheer Biz News piece and I'm looking for best practices - things that keep gyms running smoothly! Anything and everything from how the schedules are kept in order to how you greet your clients when they come in the door.

I am looking for tons of feedback on this so if you (or your coach!) has something to share and wants to be featured in an upcoming magazine article, email me! [email protected]

Pass it on! And thanks!
We have 2 teams practices at 1 time (both level 5) and we warm-up and tumble together and then split into different teams for stunting. Then we go back to conditioning together. This keeps all of us on 1 floor and allows the other floor to be used for tumbling classes that happen to be going on at the same time.
When we walk in, were greeted by the front desk worker and we are told to put our stuff in the lockers so that the gym stays neat and tidy!