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Confused Cheer Mom

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Mar 27, 2011
After another wonderful practice with my little one once again upset, we are looking for recommendations in Connecticut. Both my girls started with pop warner last august, one a tiny mite, the other a jr pee wee. They loved it so we did all stars with a less than stellar experience, mostly due to stress caused by an overemotional coach. I am looking for somewhere that will encourage them to help them grow and progress and teach them. If you could tell what you like about your program and any drawbacks you might foresee, I would greatly appreciate it. They seemed to have picked up a lot despite the situation. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
USA Wildcats might be a good choice! or ECE CT!

both are good choices but may not be practical for location. The USASF has a listing of member gyms on their website which can be sorted by name or location. Would recommend looking there for gyms in your area and then checking them out. The Parent Action Committee also publishes Cheer Parents 101 which also has some nice information for with a few tips on gym shopping. Good luck with it.
If it's close, USA Wildcats is an amazing program. Their coaches and athletes are all sweet as pie and very respectful, as I have learned through personal experiences.
USA wildcats are amazing. Iwatched some of their teams at BATC and they were awesome. Their kids were so nice as well as the coaches!!! :)
Xtreme Cheer CT is also an amazing program out of Norwalk. ignore the cliche(ness) of what I'm about to say but it is soooooo very true: we are really one big family who all supports each other. <3
ct is actually one of my favorite cheer states i think all there gyms are for the most part very focused on there athletes obviously ece is in my opinion the best known gym in ct with usa wildcats but heres gyms in ct that i know of

ece - great gyms well known and goes to worlds

central valey panthers - has one of the best level 4 teams i no of and they always look clean

chanpion - one of my good friends goes there and says everyone knows eachother and there always welcome in the gym but they seem to have no intrest in moving to the level 5

spirit zone - been around for a long time and goes to worlds and they compete alot

ct twisters - saw them compete once idk anything else

liberty - they had a spread in a cheer mag a few years ago and usually look clean

net - my first favorite gym i love there music and when they had a strong level 5 i loved watching them and im in love with there clors and i love the owner she is so sweet
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