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Feb 5, 2011
Okay, I know its early in the season but any Gymtyme pink shirt from any season would be fine! I really need 4 shirts! If you have any and would like to trade for a Brandon shirt I would love too or I will buy them! Emaili me if you have any! [email protected] Thanks! :)
were working on getting something set up at the gym so we can sell them.. weve had an EXTREMELY high demand for gymtyme pink apparel
I have exactly four extra GT worlds 2010 shirts (entire program). Never worn..they have literally sat in my closet waiting for a home.. brought a bunch to trade at worlds that year and those didn't go. They're not Pink shirts specifically, but they have the name on each team on the back. They're super cute so anyone looking to trade for them PM me!
I'm a HUGE Great White fan
but I would LOVE a GT shirt at some point in my life