All-Star Halloween?

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I'll make u laugh unless ur lookin for a catfight
Feb 5, 2011
what did you or your gym do?

me and my friend raven went trick or treating she was a dog and i was a slutty bumble bee but it was to cold so i wore a hoodie and jeans lolb
one of my old gyms in the us let the kids have the night off
one of my other teams had the kids come in costume and had candies and loot bags for after practice
Halloween was cancelled in CT. So many people don't have power and there's still snow and ice on the ground. I watched Hocus Pocus and ate pumpkin seeds..
My team took shirts from their old gyms and cut them up and put fake blood and bruises all over themselves and were dead cheerleaders... it was really funny. We had 70 oreo balls for a small team and 50 cupcakes plus 2 buckets of candy... It was a struggle to get our flyers up to say the least hahaha