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Apr 2, 2010
this awesome choreography that i saw somewhere on youtube, but im totally blanking on the team. i wanna try something similar (obviously not the same thing, just liked the idea) just as a camp stunt for my rec team, and wanted to see it again.

the team got into 4 lines for a jump section, and what i remember is the back line hitting a pike on 1,2, then the third line hitting it on 3,4, then the second line hitting it on 5,6, and then the first line hit it on 7,8, so it was a ripple, and then the front line, which ended up being the flyers, went right into a backhandspring, so it was really a pike bhs, and then the girls in the other lines would move to stunt groups as the ripple would go on, and catch the flyers after she rebounded from the bhs in a cradle, reload and then their stunt sequence began. does this make sense?

if anyone knows what team this may be, i know this is obscure and a long shot, but it would be great. must have been a level 3 team i think.. THANKS