Help! Where Can I Find This Stretch Strap?

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Jun 29, 2011

i saw this girl facebook, and now i want those stretch strap.. i like that its attached to your wrist, looks much easier to practice scorpion.. hope you guys know where to buy it.. thanks in advance <3
i've never seen that before only regular stuntstraps although from looking at that it looks like one of those defrogger things that go on your ankles except she just has 1 on her wrist. the blue words are linked with the products.
I just use the busted inner tubes of bicycle tyres. Free, stretchy, and you can tie them off, cut them, do whatever you want. Did I mention free? Win! Just give them a good wash in soapy water before you use them.
Hannah is right. It's just defroggers you can buy a pair of adjustable ones and use them as stretching straps. I got like a pack of 3 from $12 from ebay last year.