OT help with imovie! please, my project is due tomorrow

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Dec 14, 2009
for one of my classes, we had to make a video re-enacting the last scene of a play. the movie is about 10 minutes long. i made it on imovie and when i play it, it works just fine with everything is sync. but i uploaded it to youtube and then the sound was out of sync. and then i tried burning it to a dvd, but the sound is still out of sync. i exported it to itunes and it still wouldn't line up right. and i am currently saving it to a usb drive to see if that works. but that won't be ready for about an hour.

i tried googling for help and it told me to upgrade the sound to 16 bit, which it was already at. i'm at a loss now and my project is due tomorrow. i'd prefer not to have to re-do the entire thing. so, help please?!