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Feb 28, 2010
I know how creative ya'll are so help me out!
My best friend's birthday is Friday so I'm doing a bunch of goofy stuff for her. (Decorating her car with streamers and writing 'HONK IT'S MY BIRTHDAY' ect' on the windows, a scrapbook) So I'm making a shirt for her that I tie dyed and now I don't know what to write on it. It can be cute or funny. Just be creative! :) Thanks guysss!
you could puffy paint a crown on the front and write "birthday princess" on the back

or put a picture of the two of your guys on the front with the age she's turning on the back

or just a picture of you holding a sign that says happy bday or making a funny face and then and inside joke on the back or something you guys always laugh about together.

and such cute ideas for her birthday! you have a lucky friend. :)
Hmm you could put something about birthday spanks or something on the back. That could be entertaining.
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