High School Try Outs Question...please Help?

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Dec 25, 2010
So im planning on trying out for my high school cheer squad and if i make it ill be the first male in about 20 years to join the team.
My brother who plays football wants to try out too..he actually has better tumbling skills than i do. Anyway i want to know how many guys on a hs cheer team make it coed?
I ask this because I had been told the cheer coach was a little hesitant to become coed and the last thing either of us would want to do is try out against eachother.
if boys try out for my hs team and they are decent, then my coach takes them and we become coed, we're usually only coed in the winter, good luck at tryouts if you tryout!!! :)
Most high schools and some colleges will take any guys they can get, especially if they already come from an athletic background. Guys add so much to cheer programs I don't understand why any coach wouldn't want disciplined, athletic guys who are willing to work hard and learn the skills! At UNCW we take any guys we can get as long as they show potential and are willing to learn and have a good work ethic. One reason a coach wouldn't take guys though could be if the squad competes and he or she needs a certain number with a certain skillset -and then that's a whole 'nother ball game.
It depends on where you compete in Cali at USA one boy in novice doesnt make you coed but in advanced you would have to compete small coed with 1-4 males and I think over 4 males is large coed. I am not sure coed divisions for other companies or if they vary. I had a super successful program at a local hs where we were coed for two years. And they won nationals both years. I had three boys and none of them had any previous experience one learned to tumble and the other two were great stunters. Good luck!