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Would you rather be on/coach a higher level team or a team that would be competitive?

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Sep 15, 2010
So summer is almost over and it's time for choreography. Well in my gym we realized that our teams weren't divided competitively as much by age and some skill. So we reevaluated each athlete and replaced some of the kids as well as the divisions we will be competing in. We now have a youth 2, Junior 3, Senior 2 or 3, and a Senior 5 restricted. This ticked a good chunk of people off. Some of the kids that are j3 are upset because they fell as though they should be sr5(barely have level 4 skill) and the whole senior 2/3 team(which only have 1 RO Tuck on that team) is upset because "sr2 is embrassing".

So I to want to know how many people think that way. Would you rather be on a higher level team that you aren't contributing to and will barely have a shot winning or would you rather compete at your level and actually have a shot at winning.
If your senior 2/3 kids are embarrassed to be level 2, but not ready for level 3, maybe you could try 4.2?
Some of the kids are new to all star or cheerleading all together and aren't ready for that level either... if there was a 3.2 i would maybe consider it but not sure about that either.
that why i say 2/3 to give them goals... it honestly is not just the tumbling... we have some of the greatest tumbling instructors in the world (IMO)... but as a whole package they aren't ready... I'm all about progressing and will be willing to move them up when I feel they can safely accomplish it.
Well it comes down to each individual person and skill. So I can't say I'd be mad especially if I was placed on that team in the beginning. However if I was under the assumption I was on Sr4 to begin with (even if I was only a well rounded level 3 athlete) and then you said ok we redid teams your now Sr2. My heart would be broke! Lol
That was just an example and like i said for me it depends on each persons situation in gereal if I thought I was on a 4 even tho I knew I really on had level 3 skills and then to take me down to a 2 that would suck! But there is other situations I would be comfortable with! Eitheir way it goes I wish you best of luck in satisfying them while at the same time still being competitive!
I'd rather be amazing at my level then suck at a level I'm not ready for becu then u go and make bigger fools of urselves so what the point in doing something ur not ready for
Its much better to be competitive at the correct level.......why enter a competition if you aren't truly able to compete in it! I think you just need to explain it to the girls why you made the decisions you did and even perhaps show the 2/3 team a video of an amazing senior 3 team to show them what skills it takes to win at that level. Do they want to go against that team with one roundoff tuck? No! If they want to move up, then its up to them to get their butts in the gym for tumbling to better themselves as a whole! That goes for the junior 3 kids as well that were whining. Maybe make a skill goal sheet defining each level and hang it up in the gym or something saying "look: to be competitive at this level we need the majority of you to have _______standing and _________ running CONSISTANTLY plus these stunting abilities etc. etc. End of Story!". You as coaches try to do whats best for them competitively and the kids just see numbers not the big picture usually, so it's going to take some time for them to get over the fact that their level may have changed, but you have to be realistic with them. Better to get a small disapointment in team placements than a big disapointment in competition season when they don't place!
I think that when there is a split of abilities then you start at the lower level but work on the higher level skills with the goal of moving up to that level. You need to clearly state the goal though (like labeling your team 1/2 as noted above) so no one has any misconceptions. If you give the athletes the goal of moving up they can work harder to get to that level and the athletes at the level get to continue to work their higher level skills in practice.

ETA: if over half (close to 2/3) of the team has the higher skill, I would start higher. In the few months before the first comp you should be able to move some of the girls along...
I would prefer my CP to be on a competitive team.

Change brings out reaction but I would bet everyone will get used to it. (the logical side of me can't understand why anyone would want to compete at a level they Aretha ready for.).
I would prefer my CP to be on a competitive team.

Change brings out reaction but I would bet everyone will get used to it. (the logical side of me can't understand why anyone would want to compete at a level they Aretha ready for.).
because the higher the skill level, the more attention from the audience/fans.
Maybe you could show them some great Sr 2 routines. It is a great level, especially if you have some girls that are newer to cheer. I think usually, cheerleaders and parents that have this attitude are really just not as educated in the sport. (p.s. I once thought this way as well many years ago ;)). Its is not at all embarrassing to perform a solid level 2 routine, it is embarrassing to be completely out of your league in the wrong division.
Deffinitely competitive. The senior 2 team can achieve much more than it would if it were a senior 3 and couldn't even max out tumbling (no offense). I would much rather see a fantastic senior 2 team than a senior 3 team that's just barely holding on! Maybe this year will prepare some of the athletes and make them work even harder to get to that level 3 spot and it could me a motivation for them in the season! That's what we did last year, my team wasn't really hitting out level 3 stunts but we most deffinitely had the tumbling for it, but our coaches decided it would be best for us (as a team) to compete level 2 and that made us work so much harder and we came back this summer better than ever and hit out level 3 stunts. So IMO senior 2 would be your best everyone else was saying if they aren't a true level 3 team then move them down so they can show what they have :) As for the junior 3 kids getting upset, have everyone that has level 4 skills (layout, alternate, etc.) step forward and show the team that majority of them don't have the skills and they would be so much better off being level 3 (better technique in stunts & tumbling) :D Hope I helped!