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Dec 17, 2009
For competitions in order to stay clean is common, but I think more teams should make vids of practices or showcases or something so that we get the REAL DEAL.

I would've died had all these specialty passes (this was back in Oct) made it into the routine for worlds...

Anyone have anymore?! Apparently CEA sm sr last pass is beast!
You must also remember a lot of athletes on many teams have amazing skills outside of the routine that they cannot do in the routine.
Doing a pass in practice and doing a pass in a routine of 2'30" is a lot different. I am sure any coach would put passes in if they fit, they can sync them, or they just hit the majority of the time. Most of the time they do not
It comes down to risk vs reward. Amazing tumbling passes are awesome, however why risk it.

You can guarantee that Kelsey Rule can do a harder tumbling pass then what she did during the running tumbling. But why make the athlete more tired than they already are when something half as difficult is still more difficult than most people's pass.
Good point. Looked like Kiara's passes increased in difficulty at Worlds rather than watering them down but have seen a lot of peoples passes watered down due to risk at Worlds. Risk vs. Reward???
Beast! I love the support they all show for each other :)
Anyway, I can't imagine that every girl on the team has the stamina to stick these passes in the routine on top of everything else they do. I mean, that routine is pretty jam-packed already...!
I love specialty passes! It does suck that they can't throw them because you tire out but still. Love looking at tumbling, I just love tumbling in general. People call me crazy and I'm like why?