All-Star Holy Fierce Mini 1

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They are great; I love that little one in the tumble sequence... She tumbles so fast but pretty!
Has anyone seen Elite Rocker Divas they are even cleaner than both of these teams. It's really insane how clean they are, they look better than sooooo many senior teams I've seen. My daughters team competed against them twice and lost. They just won first in Myrtle Beach. I don't know how many days a wk they practice to get them that clean but it's impressive. I can't find any videos of them though. I believe they are a gymnastics gym.
the foot work those minis do in their dance is amazing! i would never in a million years be able to get my minis to do that!
and how fast their dance is too! so amazing!
its great that the coaches could teach them thiss but its awesome how these young girls were able to do it, and understand how to do it correctly!
I dream about minis like this. I want THAT!
Love it! If you teach the basics, the hard stuff will more than likely happen faster. I have been commiting to this idea when I coach tumbling and it is really showing!
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