How Do You Guys Practice ?

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Dec 12, 2011
Well first we strecth for like 30 min than do standing tucks , then get in 4 lines n do standing tumbling, then running tumbling then jumps do a lil motions then go outside run stunt stunt n den do routine.:eek:
we do 25 jumping jacks, 25 high knees, 25 butt kicks, then we stretch for around 20 minutes, and then (depending on the practice day) we will work jumps, or we will work quantity. then we usually do stunts, and then we start working the routine, or cleaning the routine, and sometimes we tumble. :)
we have tumble days where we just come to the gym for a few hours and tumble, and then we have two, sometimes three or four routine practices a week. at these practices, we basically just work through kinks in our routine, looking at previous score sheets to see what we need to fix, yeahh
Most of the teams I've been on haven't had set practice schedules.. We'd warm up, then work on whatever the coach decided we needed to work on for the day. The team that I coach also runs the same way. They always do the same warm up and stretch, but after that, it just depends on the day. They could be just working skills that are in the routine (free tumbling for a while, then free stunting), or we could be cleaning and doing things to counts, or working on harder skills for the next competition. Or, everyone's favorite: FULL OUTS! haha, it really just all depends.
We run, stretch, flyer stretch then warm up tumbling and start working on stunts and other parts of the routine that need work. The we run it full out for the rest of practice.
usually we stretch for a few mnutes. 100 jumping jacks..ect. then we usaully walk through a few times. then do each part of the routine full out, then go full out with everything a few times. depends if we hit or not. could one time, could be 20. then we work on other stuff that needs to be worked on or our coach will change something or add difficulty in. and it depends each practive too. and also if a stunt come downs during full out thats how many more times we need to go. and when we break each part up if stunts fall we have to do jumping jacks...