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not to be rude, but there was already a thread on this.
i'd rather tell you this nicely rather than have someone scold you for posting this...
I know there was one awhile back but there are so many post that go on this board that it's ridiculous to try find it, and if there is an easier way, i don't know how....but thank you though
well I'll answer...Im leaving my lovely little bubble of Orlando Florida to go to FSU in Tallahassee Florida, which is about 4.5 hours away...Ill be driving back once a week starting in January for practice every Sunday to go to Epic Cheer... Why you ask? because I love my team and thats about it : )
Just sort of expected Unspoken Fierce Board Rule #435 to show itself: When a veteran Fierceboarder corrects a Newbie, or points out the obvious, said Newbie replies with something along the lines of "Oh, thank you! Sorry I didn't see that!"

Didn't happen. Hence, crickets.
i agree lol i just thought your crickets needed a cow :D