How Many Days Do You Practice A Week?

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Apr 18, 2011
I noticed on my all star team I practiced WAY more than my school team, so which do you practice for more all star or school? and how many days?
Omg... Mine was the opposite...

Typically, All Stars for me is about twice a week with competitions on the weekend (maybe open gym, tumbling another day)

My High School Varsity team would practice after school 4 times a week and Football Games on Friday nights
My daughter has 1 practice per week during the summer then 2 per week in the fall for All-Star. ( she is at the gym more for tumbling classes). She will cheer for the fall season for High School, which practice will be after school 4 days a week. plus Friday night football games. The fall season wraps up when all start competitions start. Her all-star gym goes around school cheerleading schedules for the fall season.
My 6 year old CP Practices 4 days a week for All-Stars.

On Monday
she has youth2 practice 5-7

On Tuesday
she has mini practice 5-6
she has 1hr private 6-7
she has 1hr flexibility 7-8

On Wednesday
she has tumbling 5-6

On Thursday
she has mini practice 5-6
she has youth2 practice 6-8

So she really on practices 9 hours a week! Not to bad!
My 9 year old is on a youth level 3. She prsctices 2 hours on Tu & 2 hours on Thursday. She shares a tumble private for 30 minutes. She also shares a flying private for 30 minutes. She has a tumble class once a week for an hour. She also does gymnastics team (level 4) twice a week it is 3 hours on Monday & 3 hours on Wed. So, she is at the gym a lot, but she loves it!

My 8 year old has a similar schedule except she is on the gymnastics pre team. It only meets for 1 1/2 hours twice a week.

We have awhile to go before HS cheer! LOL
I would usually practice for All-Star cheer two days for my regular team practice for two hours on Tuesday/Thursday then maybe a tumbling class or two every week for a hour then a one hour flyer class so total so six or seven hours of practice a week!!!
Mine was about the same school m-w for 1 hr then games, All-star was 3-4 hrs of team then 1 1hr tumbling.
Well, when we had school cheer (middle school) we practiced 3 days a week till we started games then we had practice 2 days a week. (2hours)
For All-Star we have regular practice 2 days a week for somewhat between 3-6 hours, and tumbling 1 time a week for an hour and a half. then all the private lessons and all that jazz we did on our own throught the week.
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