All-Star How Old Were You When You Threw Your First Back Handspring? Full?

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Nov 13, 2010
Hey there!!! I'm old were you when you threw your first back handspring? How about your first full, etc? What happened when it finally "clicked" for you? Did anything actually have to happen, or did you just get it one day? I'm just curious! Thanks!
I was like 8, got up on my bed and threw myself back. Stupid, I know, but it worked, and slowly I built it up. Then I broke my wrist tripping over my dog, and could barely cartwheel without screaming. Now it hurts too much to tumble, so I try to focus on dancing where you don't need wrists too much. Ballet, Jazz, H-h, tap and techniqualities<3
backhandspring: 2nd grade, 8 years old

full: for the first time the summer after 6th grade, 12 years old, I lost it for a few months (I don't really know maybe 4 or 5) but then I got it back
backhandspring- end of 4th grade- 9 or 10 years old
tuck- fifth grade- 10 or 11
standing tuck- 7th grade- 12 or 13
layout- eighth grade- 13
full- junior year- 16 or 17
I got my backhandspring when I was 12. It took me about two years to get. It never really "just clicked", I worked on it and built up strength until I could finally do it. And I don't throw a full.
handspring - 16.
something funky is going on with my back though because recently i've been basically doing standing halfs when i attempt it by myself so im working with a spot again.
backhandspring i think i was like 5 or 6 but it was more like a backcrashspring haha
full like 9 but i lost it then got it when i was like 11
double when i was 15 but then stop all star for a year then got it back at 16
wow i was a mess haha

BHS - 5 years old
RO Back Tuck - 7
Standing Tuck - 7
Layout 7
Full - 8
Double Full - 8
Standing two to full - 8
Standing Full - 9
Standing 3 to dub - 10 (didn't compete til she was 12)
Arabian to Double - 10 (didn't compete til she was 12)


BHS - 6
RO Back Tuck - 7
Standing Tuck - 9
Layout - 9
Full - 9 (but still doesn't have it consistent and she's almost 11)
Backhandspring (in gymnastics) : 8
-Took some years off
Backhandspring for 2nd time: 11
Roundoff BHS tuck: 13
Standing tuck: 15 but not completely consistent until 16
Layout: 16 but then lost it after a wrist injury from basing high school cheerleading baskets
Fulls: worked on them from 16-18 until college but never threw 'em by myself