All-Star How Small/big Is Your Gym?

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May 8, 2011
I'm just curious as to how many athletes/teams most programs have. How many teams and what size teams do you have? Also, do you use crossovers to create larger teams? What, in your opinion, is a "big gym"?
I personally go to probably the tiniest of tiny gyms. We have less than 50 athletes, and 2 teams. A large senior 3, and a small youth 1, both all-girl. Only 2 crossovers from youth to senior.
I go to a pretty small gym too less than 50 cheerleaders and only 3 teams a mini level 1 a youth level 1 and a coed 4....and no crossovers
My gym is pretty small I think we have 6 teams. I would consider any gym with 10 or more teams a big gym.
Last year my gym was pretty small and I think we had about 7 teams with a few crossovers on levels 3, 4 and 5. We've merged with a gym in our area and this year it got A LOT bigger. We're starting the year with 12 teams and no crossovers (not even on the same level) because we plan on taking every one of them to NCA.
We're a first year gym. 7 teams, about 95 kids. About 10 crossovers in the whole program. All teams are small except junior 3 and senior 4.
We saw an addition of about 100 cheerleaders this year so I think we are close to 400 strong. We have 14 cheer teams (including 3 that are exhibition) and 2 dance teams. Levels range from 1-4
My cp's gym has either 17 or 18 teams this year and we usually have over 350 kids. We have one level 5 team that allows crossovers, but other than that, I'm not personally familiar with anyone who crosses over.
I cheer at Maryland Twisters.. So our gym's pretty big lol. Most of our teams are large. I think they said we had around 430 athletes tryout this season.
Well my gym is pretty big because we merged with another cheer gym in our area so we have around 350 to 400 athletes and about 13 or 14 teams.
at tryouts my gym had about 150 athletes, but we just had dance tryouts so im not sure how many more that adds. our special needs and open teams start practicing late summer/fall, and half year in november, so that adds a good amount of athletes too. usually right around competition time we have about 20 teams between our 2 locations