All-Star How To Celebrate At Practice After A Win!

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Cheer Parent
Jan 29, 2011
I'm a team mom and am looking for ideas for what I could bring to the first practice after winning a competition to celebrate the win. Others have brought cakes, cookie cakes, etc., but it does seem odd to celebrate an athletic win with junk food doesn't it? Does anyone do anything else?
Gym colored socks, other goodie items they can wear to practice! Or get blankets made, keychains, bows! :)
our gym does pizza for first, pizza and ice cream for grand champ/high point. i always thought it was odd to do junk, too, but the kids LOVE to chow down after practice. I'm also a fan of consumables so i'm not bringing more stuff into my house ;)
Having a team outing would be fun! You could take the girls bowling or have a movie night at one of the girls houses.

Also since its Christmas time, I think it would be fun to allow them to decorate Christmas cookies or decorate ornaments to go on their trees. Just make sure you don't get glass ornaments because then glass will be everywhere!!!
Goodluck:) Cookie cake is always a good cop out that all kids love!! They don't care if its junk. You could set a little fruit bowl beside it ha.
Before national qualifier my mom got us all cookies in the shape of mickey mouse w/ our names on them and ones in the shape of megaphones that said MFHS (our school) on them. It was very motivating:)
& then for the practice after the qualifier one of the girls mom made us cupcakes w/ mickey mouse on them to celebrate getting the bid:)
We stress deduction free more than winning. Us coaches bring ice cream for deduction free routines regardless off placement. We do change our practice dress code for the night if tshirts were won :)
Just like to point out that the OP is a team mom, not a coach. So it's not her job to improve or go over score sheets - she's supposed to do the fun stuff like celebrate...(and she did point out what others before her have done, so clearly it's expected of her - she'll look bad if she doesn't :oops:)

I'm ok with junk food to celebrate. These are kids after all - even the seniors.
How about making smoothies?? If you bring in all of the ingredients and add in only healthy fruits and fruit juices and avoid the fruit syrups, you can keep the smoothies healthy and the athletes get a treat for their success...
We did a pizza party and cookie tray after the girls won High Point at Cheer America a couple weeks ago.
Their reward if they win NCA is a gym lock in.
We celebrated when our large senior level 3 outscored several level 5s and even a level 6 for Grand Champs at a regional competition. We got a cookie cake at the following practice. It was fun.
Our senior team don't really have parental involvement so they just get me saying good job, now this is what we need to fix :)
My youth/junior teams have a mum who owns a bakery though so she always makes them a cake after a win or just a really good performance. Thankfully she only makes a small one as some of her cakes are massive so they all get a small piece of cake to say well done and play a game. Her cp is 10 and competed in youth stunt group at our last comp, they outscored all the other stunt groups right up to senior 5 and she made the 5 of them special cupcakes to say well done which was cute.