All-Star How To Trade At Worlds. Need Advice!

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Aug 12, 2010
When you try to get a hold of someone who you are going to trade with at worlds what do you do to meet up? Exchange phone numbers or what? Thanks in advanced! I'm new at this, obviously. :)
If you have a planned trade then yes exchange phone numbers! It can be hard to find people once you are there so send a text once you get there and pick a place to meet. If you dont have a planned trade just go up to people and ask if they or someone they know wants to trade. It can be embarrassing at first but youll get used to it! For every one person that doesnt want to trade there are 2 people who do! Have fun!
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I know you're looking to trade, but it's very possible there may be some people all set to switch up at these events!!! More at
haha this is a great daughter trades and it just cracks me up, we will be walking around and someone will come up and say...are you trading, and she whips open her backpack and shows what she has, makes a trade and away we go .....but I always wonder how do people know to ask? there some kind of secret signal? its too funny.
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