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Jun 17, 2011
How did you end up at the cheer gym you're at today, and why/how did you start cheering?
Just curious to know what everyone's background with cheer is :)
my sister cheered and i did gymnastics .... i loved her comps. and i went to my first "meet" i hated the music. after 8 years here i am.. a stingray :)
I was the kid that tried every sport and never stuck with it-_- So one day at karate about three years ago, which I hated, a girl's car was painted for a competition with the gym's name, etc. So that night I looked it up and my mom signed me up for tumbling. And the rest is history. ;)
Well in hs i weighed about 70 pounds all the way up until my sophomore year. One of my good friends begged me to be on the cheer team and I ended up being a flyer. I took tumbling classes my senior year and the gym where I was taking the classes at asked me to be on their team. I cheered for that gym for 2 years and then I aged out. The second year that I was on that team Cheerforce was looking for an alternate and so they sent me and another guy from our gym. They took him and not me. I had not planned on cheering after I aged out but then I fell in love with cheerforce. The following year I tried out and made the team.