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Sterling von Shimmer

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Apr 14, 2017
I brought my senior rescue dog into the vet for X-rays last week because she’s at that age for cancer. Turns out she’s fine, but the vet did find out that apparently she’d been shot once. Because the X-ray revealed a bullet that is still in her shoulder.

We knew she had a rough beginning when we got her. Her previous family dumped her at the shelter after she got pregnant because they couldnt be bothered to spay her. They’d also instilled in her a fear of abandonment, men, and bathrooms (????).

And on top of that, they also shot her apparently. All before the age of two.

As I write this she’s snoozing by the fire on a bed full of toys and a belly full of snacks. She spends the summers swimming in “her” pool. She spends the winters rolling in mud puddles. She’s the only dog I’ve ever had that wants to love more than be loved. Which is incredible because her first family didn’t give her any reason to trust people period, let alone love them. She’s amazing.

So hug your pups. They deserve it.


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Apr 11, 2011
I have 2 rescues. They are the best. Both of mine are deathly afraid when we first introduce them to new males, doesn't matter if they are young boys or older men. They do fine with females. We have had my pitbull for over 2 years now and she still has nightmares; whimpers, shakes, etc. until we wake her up and she sees everything is ok. My rat terrier will go lay down on top of and lick her when they start. I will never understand how anyone can abuse animals.
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Jun 6, 2012
We currently have a herd of four rescue cats. Our third was a few weeks old and found in a dumpster at a McDonalds, the fourth one was living under the deck at a condo we vacation at in Michigan. It was pouring the day we left, so we decided to take it back home to Atlanta and try to find its owner from there. After six days I found the owner on the towns Stray Center Facebook page. When I contacted the owner they told me they had gotten two new cats and I could take it to the shelter. I will never get those people, but their loss is our joy.
Aug 4, 2015
Our dog isn't a rescue. We still have our dog we got in 2007, he is such a good boy! His age is showing because he doesn't ask to go outside to go to the bathroom anymore so he just goes to the bathroom anywhere in the house (living room, parents bed, dining room) Hopefully we still have him when we move in the Summer. We're all going to handle it horribly when he does eventually pass away. #WeDontDeserveAnimals ❤️