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Apr 24, 2010
I was hoping that as a cheerleader in general you would help out a fellow all-star cheerleader and her high school team . There seems to be a haters page on Facebook and we would like to get it removed so if you could all go to this page Highland: where the cheerleaders don't even attend the games and report it we would really be thankful to you all. This is the second year in a row this has happened to them and it took us months to get rid of it and we are hoping the more people who report it it will go away faster . Thank you all so much ....
Well... do the cheerleaders attend the games?

Also the link didn't work for me, not sure if it does for anyone else but here it is just in case:

Honestly, I say just brush it off. It's only a Facebook page, it's not like it really means anything, and only eleven people like it. Just based off the pyramid picture you guys look pretty good so I wouldn't worry about eleven people being cynical. And I don't think you should censor other people just because they're negative or you don't agree with what they're saying... they have a right to dislike the team just as we have a right to love and support them. Unless every single cheerleader has been to every single game, they're not exactly posting anything untrue.

Anyways, the point of that was that it's an internet post, I wouldn't worry about it. Just prove them wrong!
This really only takes one second of your time! Please help us get this page down, its not only really annoying:banghead: but this is the 2nd year this has happend to us. We never did anything but be nice and cheer:cheering: on our boys at the games.
Yes they do attend all the games they missed one game because there coach had to attend her Grandfathers wake that past away days before the game , and we want to stop it before it gets any bigger then it did last year where it became a harassment issue and it took us months to get it off .

Im not trying to censor what other people say Im trying to stop people from Harassing them .
i reported it but when i say the page itself i never saw anything really all that negative about it :s
i reported it but when i say the page itself i never saw anything really all that negative about it :s
Yes that is true, but there was one like this last year and it got out of hand. So we want to stop it before it gets like it did last year!