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Mar 5, 2011
Okay, so this season was my first season doing allstar cheer and when I started my mom was not very sure about it. I feel in love so quickly with the sport but now I have a big problem. At the beginning of this year, my mom told me I was only doing one season of cheer. My parents are divorced, and my dad LOVES me cheering and supports me 100% but my mom supports me 0%. Me and my dad have been trying to convince my mom to let me do another season but she wont budge. I have a lot to show from this season as I started with a handspring and now confidently have my standing tuck. So moms & dads, what is your take? and what is the most positive thing youve seen out of cheer? Thank you for anything you can give me ! :)
i'm not a mom but at first my parent really did not want me to do it because of the money. They realized i became more responsibilty by being able to handle all the practices and still manage good grades. Also i met some of my best friends there. Cheer is great for tons of reasons !
I don't really have any advice because I don't understand why you are her daughter and she doesn't support you! Sounds like your doing amazing so I just want to tell you good luck with everything! I hope it all works out! I love seeing people doing what they love!
WOW! That is tough. I am not sure why your mom would only agree to one season. It is amazing that you got a standing tuck in one season. I would say that my daughter has learned hardwork, determination, teamwork, and a strong work ethic. She is building relationships that will last a lifetime. Cheer is also an incentive to keep her grades up and her behavior right.
I would sit down and find out why your mom is so against another season. Is it the commitment? Is it the price? If you can figure that out then maybe you and your father could work around her worries. I hope it works out!
Just to let everybody know, it is mostly the commitment. she doesnt like all the hours I have put into it. I have very good grades and a great social & family life though so I dont see what the problem is.
Omg.. this is pretty tough! :(
First off, if it's the money she's concerned about? Then maybe your dad support it by himself if he can and is willing to. If it's the commitment, try telling her that you're able to balance everything in your life and that you're not making any important sacrifices (ex. grades, social life, etc.) for it. But if she just flat out doesn't want you in the sport... hm. :confused:
You could always be corny and tell her that it teaches you some great life lessons, along with giving you excellent exercise. Haha. But in all honesty, cheer is 10% skill and 90% discipline, and I can't see why she wouldn't want that for her own daughter so you could try that!
And as a last resort, you could always try what my mom says: "it keeps them off the streets- it's either paying for cheer or paying for rehab." :p
Perhaps you can ask her specifically what it is about the commitment that she doesn't like? Is it interfering with plans that she has for herself? Does she have to drive you to practice? Do you have a heavy or light competition schedule? Does it interfere with religious education or some other lessons she would prefer that you have? Is it the money? Do you have other siblings that also deserve time and attention? I am a mom and I do support my girls in cheer. But, I sacrifice a lot for them. Money, time and energy. Each person only has so much to give.

Try to talk it out and listen to what she is saying. You might then be able to come up with a mutually agreed upon solution.
My daughters coach use to tell parents this when they wanted to pull their son or daughter out of cheer because of the cost or time commitment...."It's going to cost you a lot more money and time when you are paying for rehab or bailing your kid out of jail." Point being, cheer does take a lot of time, but that can be a good idle time to get in trouble!!
Freaky Parentr posts tonight...hmm...

Not to go all "freshman psych 101" on the post, but maybe mom is having a hard time separating and understanding that cheer can be a family affair. She may feel "put out" by all the hours you've spent at the gym rather than with her, like maybe iun the past. You really can't be mad at that either. Us parents give up pretty much everything for you kids, just so you can show us that you don't need us. And it's hard when you have to come to terms with that. Plus, if your mom feels any animosity toward dad after their divorce, and he's 100% for cheer, she might feel like you two are ganging up against her.
I've told MANY parents not to do all-star unless they love it, too. It would be terribly hard for me to allow my cp to be consumed in a world that I didn't care for.
The only thing I can say is be calm, try to SHOW her that you need her love and support (don't be helpless, but let her know nothing will ever take her place,) and try to introduce aspects of cheer she can identify with. If she's a "numbers" person, talk score sheets with her. A "medical" person, try to talk to her about the difference between rec and all-star injuries and why.
Bottom line, though, you knew the deal at the beginning. Sad, but she probably meant it.
Good luck, sweetie. Xoxo
What would she rather you be doing with the hours you normally spend at they gym? Studying? Socializing? Another sport or activity? If you know where she would rather see you focus your time, maybe you can point out that you ARE doing those things. Or, if you are not, point out why your time is better spent at cheer.
Sometimes we just want to see how hard your willing to work for what you want. If its a financial issue....fundraise more, time....maybe there is a limited travel team, school work....keep raising them higher (my cp had the best grades when her schedule was jam packed). And sometimes and SADLY so some parents just want to defy eachother.
You sound strond willed and determined, so something tells me it will work out! Good Luck :)
Ahhh the most positive things to remind mom about:

Great exercise that keeps you healthy, keeps you busy and out of trouble, teaches you how to set and work towards goals, gives you a positive outlet for stress, exposure to boys is at a minimum in most gyms, keeps you so busy that you have learned to be very organized and efficient at school, hits so many disciplines in 1 sport so you get a great bang for your buck (dance, gymnastics, acrobatics, cheer), raises self-confidence in front of others which is very important when starting to interview for colleges and jobs, teaches you to forgive others when they make a mistake, and teaches you to forgive yourself when it is you who makes the mistake. :)
My parents are divorced too! For me, I at first couldnt cheer because of the money. If that is your problem, then you can see if your gym will let you obtain sponsorships from a business.(thats what I did). Also, what worked on my dad, was to make a very long powerpoint that convinced him that I was serious and it's the sport I want to do. :)
My parents are divorced too! For me, I at first couldnt cheer because of the money. If that is your problem, then you can see if your gym will let you obtain sponsorships from a business.(thats what I did). Also, what worked on my dad, was to make a very long powerpoint that convinced him that I was serious and it's the sport I want to do. :)

Way to go =-)!!!!
Move in with your Dad, haha JK.

Sit down with your Mom and discuss it but make sure you have your thoughts arranged prior to sitting down. You will be more prepared and it just might impress her.
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