I Need Help With My Arabian!

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Nov 21, 2010
Hey, I need some help and tips to my arabian. When I'm doing it I'm always do a full because it reminds of it, but I just need to do a half. NOT A FULL...
thats how i used to be,
do some drills first, like grab a wedge/cheese mat and do standing arabians on there, like start on floor and pretend you are about to do a standing arabian but instead of trying to land on the cheese end up in a forward roll, does tha make sense?
then standing arabians on tumbl track into a pit will also help.
like really, when you see an arabian competed, well a good arabian, it looks like it kinda floats in the air not really rushed at all.. so think that you need to set all the way up, then very slowly drop your turning shoulder so that you can get the feel of it. after a couple, you will get the hang of it.
make sure to do them on tumbl track or into a pit first just in case.
I had to teach my body stay a little tucked. think about opening up and reaching OUT when youre almost halfway around. If you open up when you are half way around, its too late and youll end up over twisting. I do alot of arabains in my videos, check me out at youtube.com/crazytumblekid see if that helps you grasp the concept and create a picture in your head.
Assumption: You know how to Punch.

I usually start with round off rebound half turns on the tumble trak (arms up the whole time.) . Then once that concept is grasped we forward roll out of the half turn rebound. And then finally add the punch with a spot.