All-Star Illegal Elements (just To Raise Awareness)

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Mar 25, 2010

the inversion at 4:00 is nowhere near legal!!

Braced inversions (including braced flips) may not travel downward while inverted.

the inversion at 4:00 is nowhere near legal!!

Braced inversions (including braced flips) may not travel downward while inverted.

mmmmmmmm well.... Inverted is when hips and both feet are higher than shoulders, and she lands flat on her back.... So I'd say she's really only traveling downward while inverted for a split second, still illegal I know, but to say nowhere near legal is a bit far off... I'd say some small timing changes and this could become very legal
She lands head first....unless we're looking at two different fliers....
It's even illegal in level 6 (one of my 'issues' with Bangkok last year).

You can't land inverted from a release move (braced or not)
Would it be legal if the guy grabbed....say, her arm, and the girl still toe pitched her and she flipped all the way on to her stomach? Probably not, right? Since release moves can't land prone.

You do know this was an event for only Cheer Extreme right? X-Evolution...our own awesome, individual, and unique event :)
I have always assumed safety rules existed for safety and should just be followed. Unless of course there is a malfunction in performance which then would eagerly be corrected. I just can't stand any heads hurtling towards the floor. Did not watch the video and am speaking in general and not about this situation.
I know I made a thread about this before and it was the general consensus that rules aren't there just for competition. By being a USASF member gym and USASF certified coach, you are agreeing that you will follow the rules and put the athletes safety first. Some of the rules are extremely easy to read and that is the most confusing to me. For example, their stunt is by all means of the rules illegal. There is no way to even start to argue that the stunt is legal.

Downward inversions from above prep level:
    1. May not stop in an inverted position. (example: a cartwheel roll off would be legal because the top person is landing on their feet)

  • May not land on or touch the ground while inverted.
    Clarification: Prone or supine landings from an extended stunt must visibly stop in a non-inverted position and be held before any inversion to the ground.
Different day, same old argument.
If it bothers you that much, send Courtney an email it's on her facebook page.
That makes too much sense, especially if you're so concerned about the athletes' safety :rolleyes:

The issue isn't talented teams doing the illegal elements. I am sure they are physical fine performing them. Just like watching amazing tumblers doing double backs or someone doing a full twisting rewind for fun. The issue is smaller gyms seeing these illegal elements and thinking they are OK because they are presented in a context of that is what is going to be competed. I have already gotten questions from a few small teams asking how that is legal from people on the board that would like to put them in their routine. How should I answer them? And for everyone 1 actually willing to ask a question you know they are 50 who don't.

CEA like Rays or CA or Cali or TG or whatever are looked up to and followed and want to be emulated. It is a honor but carries responsibility.