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Feb 24, 2010
Since there isn't really a thread for this yet, how about we have one big thread where everyone can share favorite cheer videos of teams from specifically outside the U.S?

To start off this thread I have a couple recent videos I've had on repeat:

Big Tide (Korea) got the chance to stunt with a Korean Pop Star for a TV appearance and the star was actually really good! It amazed me that she learned everything in 2 hours and the team was great with her.

UPAC Galaxy(Chile) is looking good this me some UPAC. Fierce performance and the guys during the dance killed it!

Rangsit University (Thailand) should give Bangkok some good competition this year at the Seacon Square Nationals. Excited to youtube both of their performances in a few weeks :)
WOW, I'm really impressed with the routine, normally level 2's routine are quite similar/use the 'basic's. I think our team need to step it up for when we come to Jamfest in 2012 (we're level 2 too :) ).

Thankyou so much! It really means alot :) What team are you from? Will see you there :)