All-Star Jamfest Indy - Large Sr - The War Has Begun!!!!!!!!

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And the winner is....

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I have placements in my head as....

CEA Sr Elite

but its a real tough one to call!
I really think its all about who hits there routine the best cause they are all AMAZING!! That being said if they all hit...

1. F5
2. SE
3. SS
4. Diamonds
Im taking a gamble on this one but F5 is fierce this year, im hoping they come out on top. I also think that FCA has the stunting dificulty but the other teams will out tumble them. I would love to see them in the top 3 though, I think they deserve it! Good luck to everyone!
There is no way to even guess, they are all so close. I hope to see everyone healthy and happy.
with the way this year has gone so far i agree. seems like more injuries this year than last.
Just looked at the Jamfest scoresheets, and I honestly can not call it right now. But, having looked at the scoring clarification sheet, I have a feeling we will be seeing new/different elements to routines due to the way Jamfest judges.