All-Star Juggling Jostens And The Milk House?

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Apr 5, 2010
This will be my 1st year going to Worlds and as I make up my schedule for Worlds, i have come across some questions..​
How have you in the past gone from Jostens to The Milk House?
I have some teams that i want to see in both venues and I am cutting it very close.​
Has anyone ever had this problem? Any tips? Is it a Far walk between the two?
Thanks in Advance :)
The buildings are right next to is a bit slow to exit the milkhouse and if you go to jostens you will probably lose your seat at milkhouse...but I just resolved myself to the fact that I will stand and watch so I can move from one to another daughter was in the milkhouse last year and I was there 2 hrs early and still had a tough time finding a this year...I will be "mobile" daughter is in jostens both days so I will stand at milkhouse for usre....hope this helps:)
That isn't true. Day 1 is a little more relaxed during some divisions.

And i promise you while major teams are in the jostens, there will be seats open at the milkhouse.
good luck:) i know im gonna have the same problem .

your most likely going to lose your seats when you navigate between the two arenas. the buildings are right next to each other but you always get those bunches of people who absolutely have nowhere to be and nothing to do so decide to stand in the middle of the walkways(-.-) making it hard to get thru very quickly.
Go out the side doors to exit the milk house. The front door is congested and you lose time there.

Go to the furthest door from the milk house at jostens they are letting people in through. That is where the comp is. In years passed if it was only one team, I would stand at the balcony and watch.
Also, there is a screen between the 2 in case you run out of time.........they telecast teams performances out there.