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Mar 16, 2011
Anyone else see this email? I wonder what they would be able to do, besides get a free pair of shoes...

Hello Coaches & Friends,
Inside Cheerleading Magazine is looking for talented and dedicated Junior Cheerleaders ages 14 and under to be a part of our brand new Junior All American team presented by Nfinity Shoes! We are currently looking for some outstanding male and female stand-out athletes, who not only are great cheerleaders, but have a great personality, great grades, and of course, a leader! A total of 20 junior cheerleaders will be selected for this exclusive team. These athletes are true standouts and positive influences on their team. Each chosen member of the team will receive a complimentary pair of Nfinity shoes!

- Must be an Cheerleader 14 years old or younger
- We are accepting all nominations for rec league cheer, middle school or elementary cheer and all star
- Please email name, age, hometown, phone number, team name, a short paragraph with applicants cheer background, a list of skills master and currently working on, and a short bio about the nominee and parent's contact information.
If you know of a great applicant, please have them send their info to [email protected].
Deadline for ALL submissions is October 9, 2011

Athlete Application

Gym/Team Name:
Signature Skills:
Skills I'm working on:
Cheerleading Background:
My Favorite thing about Cheer is:
The Hardest thing about Cheer is:
Cheer Fact (something most people wouldn't know about you):
Less than 100 word description about yourself:
Parent's Contact Information:
Coach's Contact Information:

Don’t forget to include at least 3 really great photos!
Thank you for your help! We always love to give these athletes the recognition they deserve!

Remember, send your application to [email protected]!

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Shane Womack
Associate Publisher
Inside Cheerleading Magazine

I've emailed "jenniferd" so, I guess we'll see! Kind of an important piece of info seems to be missing...
This actually looks like a neat idea! What a great thing to put on college apps in the future! Here's the response I received:

Our "Junior All-American Team" is a group of cheerleaders that we select from all over the country to be recognized in our magazine for being outstanding cheerleaders and all-around great people! The winners will receive a prize package from Nfinity shoes and will appear in our "Junior All-American Team" feature in our Nov/Dec issue! In addition, a press release recognizing the chosen athletes will be issued to industry members and media outlets across the country! There is no cost, no time commitment, and the pictures/info sent in the nomination email will be the pictures and info that will be used in the feature.
That will look amazing on any resume or college app. Good luck daughterrazzi!