All-Star junior all girl worlds update

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Jan 28, 2010
ok jr all girl update:

supercells 6th
colonels 5th
stingrays 4th
ece 3rd
greenbay 2nd
starlites 1st

ok but tht was for first preformance second is going and so far colonels hit rays dropped a stunt supercells did ok and the other teams havent gone
how is starlites in 1st? they looked very sloppy to me! haha, but yea im at worlds but at the hotel im like sick, gahh but yea good luck to everyone!
Wow! Starlites were absolutley amazing!!!:) first place first and second rounds going into tommorow. Green bay and cells did such a great job and tm is going to be so exciting to watch. Good luck to them and WC<3