All-Star junior coed worlds predictions

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Apr 3, 2010
dont attack me, because it seems the other prediction threads on this topic got nowhere, im deciding to start a new one that gives you a little background info...

well im going to start off with the bid results...

2009 results:
1. California allstars
2. ICC/ CA
4. UA
5. ASL

2010 results:
1. ICC
2. California allstars
3. ASL
4. UA
5. CA

i/we(the boards) dont want to hear dumb drama saying oh i thought so in so should have made it and not so in so... just predict off of these results and maybe your personal opinions on how these teams play the 2010 scoresheet... ill get the scores asap! :) thanks
1. Cali
2. CA

I'm not sure about everyones videos but I know in Cali's they had a stunt drop and part of the pyramid had a problem so if they hit perfect I think they'll win
Because the 2010 scoresheets came out so late, everyones routine that we've seen so far is based on the 2009 scoresheet. So I would assume everyone is going back and reworking the stunting and pyramids to max those scores. With that being said, the 3 strongest teams appear to be, in no particular order:

Cheer Athletics
ICC you're assuming a US team will win?

I know all these teams are great but this is an INTERNATIONAL division.
Cheer Athletics

... i havent seen any international teams yet so i am not too sure about a non american team right now.