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Feb 14, 2011
Just wondering how you all teach kick fulls and any good advice. I have seen groups face back, quarter turn, then toss from side. Wonder if this has any advantages. I usually start facing the side. Thanks!
First just a really high straight ride. Then a single twist. Then a kick. Then finally connect it all together. Alot of times, the group will have a problem with only one part of the toss so this allows you to make sure each part is perfect before throwing it all put together.
I think they are hard to get used to doing. But once you get the hang of it they are really easy.
1. Make sure you ride the basket to the top
2. Turn about 1/8
3. Kick your leg up and fan it over and wrap in tight. Fanning your leg over will initiate your spin and hep alot when you move on to kick doubles.
4. Stay tight in your spin until you're spin is done and open up to catch.
I usually start with a straight ride and get them to initiate a 1/4 turn. Once they get used to that, I'll have them start kick tosses with a 1/4 turn. The last thing I'll add in is the twist. If the kick and 1/4 turn are good, the twist is the easy part.
Thanks guys, what about load position. I have seen a few teams face back. What is that all about? Am I the oddball for facing the side?
It really depends on what you want the visual to be. If you want the kick to the front, face the side. If you want the kick to the side, face the back. It's really just preference.
I like load to the side kick to the front. It gives me that moment to stall in the kick and wink/smile/etc. at the crowd. Gives me the visual cue so I don't rush the kick and really make it pretty. At least I hope it looks pretty.
have them do straight rides like everyones saying then like a quarter turn set with one are up and a twist then have another group in an extention with the flyer holding her hands up/together and have the basket flyer try to kick her hand then twist

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