Lvl 4 Extended Stunt

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May 27, 2011
The rule states that a spotter is required for each top person in an extended stunt.

Does this have to be a "backspot"? Can 2 bases hold one girl up in an extended stunt so there are only 3 girls in the stunt group? Can the spot be just someone near enough to spot in case of a fall? at this!!
my team did extended two mans with a toe pick and they just spotted most wernt even on the stunt cuz they couldnt reach :p
It depends on the grip. You cannot have a top person in a regular extension (one foot in each of the bases' hands) without a backspot. However, if one of the bases has BOTH feet and the other then holds one foot and the ankle (like you would for a single leg stunt as a side base), then it is legal because you have a "backspot". But you cannot do a traditional extension with no backspot at level 4 (or 5 for that matter).
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