All-Star Made The Switch From High School To All Star Cheer

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Aug 19, 2010
Hey, everyone! I am no longer a high school cheerleader, I graduated and am now moving on to all star cheer. I'm with the same cheerleaders that I cheered with in high school and the same coaches. It's a long story, but I just wanna talk about the transition:

1.) I started it about two months ago. Like most all star programs, you have to tumble on the spring floor. The spring floor is definitely something that I find easy tumbling on with skills I already have, but when it comes to trying something new, the same fear always go through the back of my mind.

2.) PRACTICE! Practice is no where NEAR as much as it will ever be in high school. We only practice once a week and go to open gym every Tuesday for tumbling. In high school, I would practice at least three to four times a week.

3.) Distance. It takes me a while longer to get to the gym; about twenty minutes on the freeway. I'm gonna miss the convenience of being able to drive for five minutes to get to practice.

4.) Payments! Jesus Christ, all star is expensive! I payed about 2000 for High School cheer, all-star is about an extra 8 to 900 dollars.

5.) No over night camp this year. :(

Overall, I like all-star cheer. I'm gonna miss cheering at the football and basketball games, but I guess there's always homecoming. i'm excited about my first year of being an all star cheerleader. Hopefully it goes well.! :D
competing is way more fun then cheering at games! you will fall in love with allstar
I competed a lot in high school, as well.

But thanks, guys! I really hope I come to like it. Practice is at 6 and it's almost 4 over here in California.