Mental Blocks

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Feb 28, 2010
I'm going through a pretty bad mental block so anyone who has gone through one or could help me out, please PM me:)
you honestly just need to believe in yourself, motivate yourself to do better and say "i can do it".
confidence is key.

also, maybe start on tumbl trak throwing the skill you are afraid of. then go to rod floor if you have access to one, then spot on floor, then by yourself.
hope i helped!!
I try my hardest. emphasize "Try" to follow the 3 rule, you get 3 attempts and then we go back and strengthen another skill. If you struggle with a tuck.. we go back to BHS hollow body rebounds reaching to the sky. We also focus on muscle memory and drilling body positions. You have to be confident in the skills leading to what you are working on to truly master anything. Good Luck and we all believe in you!
What skill are you working on?
I had a horrible mental block on my back handspring, my tuck came really easy though.
It would help to know what your working on:)
"Cause I won't hold back any longer" Is what I usually say to myself before I start my tumbling and before each skill I do..I say it. It helps me overcome my fears because that sentence "Cause I won't hold back any longer" Is actually used in World Cup Shooting Stars tumbling part in the music (2010-2011) I love it :)
I just today got over a 3 year mental block on my backhandspring!! The first time is always going to be the hardest because its all in your head. Just make yourself jump back and go! Your coaches won't let you try by yourself if you physically cant do it. All you have to do is imagine yourself doing it perfectly and then do it. If you're like me and you over think it, do it when your not thinking about it!
i just got over my metal block for six months over a handpsringggg! now i have my fulll and everythingg backk , gonna work doubles soon! but i just gained my confidence back by not standing in the corner over thinking i just went without thinking and did it!! i practiced in backyard so i didnt have to working about my teammates watching me get mad, now i just got and have so much confidence when i throw my passs :)
i have a mental block coach always tells me to be confidant and belieeve in myself. that is really all that matters. you have the skill and you just need belief! :)
Repetition was the key for my CP. Tumble every chance you get. You have to regain your confidence and the only way is to tumble tumble tumble. Go back to the basics and work your way back up. And when you start to become mental on a skill switch to another skill like front tumbling. Also finding the right coach that can finese the skills out of you helps.
Think of the day you first got the skill you're blocking on. Remember how happy and excited you were? It's obviously a great feeling. Just pretend it's that very first day when you didn't have any fears. Your body knows what to do, just let it happen.

This is what I've been thinking for the past couple days when I was blocking on my tuck. Just imagine that you've never done this skill before, so you have nothing to be scared of.
yay mental block has developed..I have lvl 4 skills and some lvl 5. last week did a roundoff and had to much power so i didnt finish the pass so i ended up flying 2 mats onto my back. this week at tumbling I cant even do a standing two or running handspring tuck/ layout on the floor -.- fml
This sounds crazy, but if you say "I have my round off flip flop full" 5 times, five times a day at different times of the day and you picture it. It actually works, I found it on a psychology or hypnosis website I think. I've done it for all my tumbling that I have. Its very strange.