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Oct 3, 2010
After November’s tragedy, our hearts will forever wear blue in support of our Midwest Cheer Elite family...

Cheer for a Cause has teamed up with vendors and industry professionals who all “wanted to do something to help out”.

We are holding a “not-so-silent” auction of donated items on eBay and will be adding more almost every day until December 15th! These are gifts that give twice and 100% of the proceeds from the auctions will go to the funds set up for the Morris and Blair families.

All the items we have up so far are here:


We also have a limited number of Special Edition Cheer for a Cause Midwest Cheer Elite Tribute Patches available. They are 3-1/2” patches and 100% embroidery. You can put them on your team bag, jacket or key ring to show your support.

If you want to donate an item for auction, just email [email protected]. You can also find out more about Cheer for a Cause at

“Our lives change as we change the lives of others.”

Picture of the tribute patch


Sorry it didn't post in the original since I just uploaded it.
yay! Finally I can order something. Never heard back on the t-shirts and none of the gyms in my area got responses either :/.
How to get a patch

Glad you like the patches! Yes, they are buy-it-nows. Here's a direct link: Midwest Tribute Patch

Be sure to check out the other items on eBay donated by your wonderful Cheer & Dance World vendors!

Cheer for a Cause - The Heart of Your Cheer World!
I have two more bow vendors that will be adding items in the next couple of days!!!
I just put up tons more auctions including shoes and bags donated by Nfinity and a great package from Canada, a year's subscription to TWIST and 10 gym shirts! This is a great way to help out... Click here to see it all. Here's a video Rayna Marques and Whitney Love did to help support.

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